Teachers can bring their class to Amazon to engage with mini robots, see computer science in action and tour an Amazon fulfilment centre.

We are working with coding and robotics education provider Fire Tech to offer robotics workshops to primary schools across the country. The workshops are designed to spark students’ interest in STEM and computing by letting children get hands-on with Ozobot robots and showing them how real-world robots work. Students will code their very own robot in an exciting two-hour workshop, and will then have a chance to tour an Amazon fulfilment centre, where they can explore a parcel’s journey and see Amazon’s technology in action. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer in person workshops but hope to be back soon!

Hour of Code: Dance Party

Dance Party

As well as attending robotics workshops, students can get involved in coding through the Hour of Code: Dance Party. We have collaborated with non-profit organisation to create Hour of Code: Dance Party, an interactive dance-themed online coding tutorial that gives students the opportunity to code characters to dance to songs from leading artists. Millions of children have participated in Hour of Code tutorials globally since 2013 and we are encouraging hundreds of thousands of students in the UK to get involved during the Hour of Code in December.