Meet and Code UK

As part of EU Code Week, Meet and Code supports local nonprofits across Europe to provide access to coding and digital skills for the next generation of young Europeans.

Aligned to EU Code week, Meet and Code is a civil society initiative on digital education in Europe that aims to close the digital divide. The initiative empowers youth across Europe with essential digital skills for a brighter future. It provides non-profit organisations with microgrants, content, and community to support them in arranging coding and digital skills events for children and young people across Europe. Since 2017, more than 300,000 youth from more than 35 European countries have participated in 8,700 free-of-charge coding events. Behind Meet and Code are the organising partners Haus des Stiftens, TechSoup Europe, alomg with the respective country partners in the TechSoup Europe network and the main donor partner Amazon, which enbables the initiative within the framework of Amazon Future Engineer by providing financial support and know-how.
Benefits for community educators
Meet and Code facilitates the effortless acquisition of microgrants to support community educators in their learning initiatives focusing on digital skills for children and youth. Applications are closed for 2023.
Community educators can access additional offers like free webinars, events, train-the-trainer sessions, and the resources provided in the Meet and Code Inspiration Library.
Amazon Future Engineer is partner for Meet and Code and enables the initiative through financial support. With the support of Amazon Future Engineer hundreds of coding and digital skills workshops for children and youth can be organized by local non-profit organizations across Europe. Moreover, Amazon Future Engineer provides a unique set of helpful resources to the non-profit organizations which they can use to organize their events and can be found in the Meet and Code Inspiration Library and supports with volunteers.
  • Testimonials
    “It was amazing to participate in Meet and Code. We were so happy of the results and we also learned a lot from the participants and from this initiative. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the big community of Meet and Code, having the possibility to share ideas, projects and enthusiasm with other organization from all over Europe. […]”
    Cristina/Serena, event organizers Model your Dream City by Sharing Europe, Italy
  • Testimonials
    “No dream is too big. I want to program robots to explore planets that humans have not yet reached.”
    Mihai, participant, 9 years old, Romania
  • Testimonials
    “We want to educate and create new social values, raise technological awareness by increasing the involvement of citizens - “social architects” - in actions for openness, innovation and overcoming social barriers in their everyday life. […] These events give both students and us volunteers a lot of satisfaction. Each time we try to make non-standard and innovative workshops which allows for effective learning by play.”
    Anna, volunteer of the non-profit organization The ArchitectsPL Foundation, Poland
  • Testimonials
    “As a teacher I was fascinated to see how concentrated and confidently the children were working on both building and programming, in a way I couldn’t have expected. The combination of fairy tale and robotics just worked great!”
    Teacher at a Meet and Code Event, Germany
  • Testimonials
    “Our daughter enjoyed the workshop very much. We are happy to see her newly developed interest in technology and we are aware that this excitement is encouraged by all of you”.
    Participant’s parent at a Meet and Code Event, Germany
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