Secondary school teacher resources

Amazon Future Engineer provides secondary school teachers with teacher training and in-school workshops to support you in upping your skills and confidence, and in making sure that your students have access to the opportunities surrounding computer science.

Support for computer science teachers

Choose between any of our sponsored providers and their programmes to help you continue your learning and to add to your curricula.


Digit<all> provides training for teachers and workshops and enrichment camps for young people both in school and in the community. These opportunities are linked to the context of digital roles such as in space, sport and cyber security.

Digit<all> also generate resources to enable teachers to deliver creative computing content within their curriculum.

Digit<all> offers free training and professional development for teachers with a focus on coding, data science and physical computing and engaging girls in STEM subjects. The training enables teachers to develop their pedagogical approaches, develop subject knowledge and explore creative and contextual approaches to engage young people.
Out of this world workshops are in-person, 2-3 hour micro:bit workshops focused on sustainability, delivered in your school.
Smallpeice Trust

The Smallpeice Trust is an educational charity that inspires young people to pursue careers in science and engineering through events and workshops.

With Amazon Future Engineer’s sponsorship, the Smallpeice Trust is offering STEM Day workshops in secondary schools.

  • STEM Days
  • Residential STEM camp bursaries
STEM Days are held in secondary schools, hosted by a Smallpeice Trust educator. They are designed to complement the national curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths. Workshops last between one half and one full school day, and can accommodate up to 60 students.

In addition to the exciting and inspiring, themed STEM days workshops, secondary students get information about future career and higher/further education options, can put their creative thinking into action, and learn time management, team work, problem-solving, enterprise, personal and social skills.
On this five-day course, you will stay at the University of Southampton and interact with industry experts, gaining hands-on experience in computing and electronic engineering. The course is for Year 12 England and Wales, S6 Scotland and Year 13 Northern Ireland.

The course will be delivered by academics from the University of Southampton, one of the UK’s leading robotics centres, and generously sponsored by Amazon, the multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Further support is provided by SourceBots, a not-for-profit organisation which runs robotics challenges for teenagers.

Amazon Future Engineer is sponsoring fully-funded places for residential programmes.
STEM Learning

STEM Learning is the UK’s largest provider of STEM education support and outreach, partnering with government, schools and companies like Amazon to provide world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.

With support from Amazon Future Engineer, STEM Learning offers free continuing professional development courses for teachers and bespoke, long-term ENTHUSE Partnerships for schools.

STEM Learning run a well-established and successful continuing professional development (CPD) programme, with a variety of delivery methods to suit both your needs and the needs of your school. Their courses are developed by experienced subject experts and cover a range of topics spanning subject-specific knowledge and skills, pedagogy, leadership and more.
At the heart of every ENTHUSE Partnership is a collaboration between 8-10 schools, supported by £25,000 worth of support over two years. Each partnership will develop a tailored two year action plan, including:
  • teacher CPD combining residential, local and online courses
  • free, curated and quality-assured resources
  • teacher placements in a STEM-related industry or university department
  • engaging with STEM Ambassadors to inspire young people
  • STEM Clubs to engage young people and develop practical skills
Amazon Future Engineer has provided funding for a number of ENTHUSE Partnerships.
It’s paramount that teachers are taught digital skills, especially given their importance at helping young people, prepare for the transition from school to employment and the wider world.

Digital skills stretch across all of STEM; with an ever increasing reliance on technology, understanding topics such as artificial intelligence can open many doors across each of the different STEM sectors. Developing excellent problem solving skills isn’t unique to any one of the STEM disciplines, cross-curricular teaching can support students develop their ability to quickly and efficiently solve problems.

With the UK’s Digital Strategy firmly embedded, the need for digital skills is growing, and so is our support for schools. Find out how you can support students to thrive digitally in secondary education through our offer.
Raspberry Pi Foundation

The mission of the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to enable young people to realise their full potential through the power of computing and digital technologies.

With support from Amazon, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is empowering educators to deliver digital making programmes across the UK, with a focus on areas of educational disadvantage.

Code Club is a Raspberry Pi Foundation programme that supports a network of educators to run free, extra-curricular coding clubs for learners aged 9 and above. Discover how you can use Code Club’s free, easy-to-follow coding projects to help young people at your school build their digital skills, creativity, and independence through learning to make things with code.
Amazon Future Engineer seeks to bring computer science skills and opportunities to young people in underserved and underrepresented communities. We do this through providing opportunities for students to gain skills and career exploration in the classroom, and by supporting teachers’ continued training. Sign up to receive our newsletter to learn more about free resources, free teacher training, and in-classroom experiences and to participate in the Amazon Future Engineer community.
Explore careers in technology and computer science

Introduce your students to the careers of the future and the basics of computer science through short learning experiences.

Career Tours are virtual field trips that inspire students to pursue careers of the future by exploring Amazon’s technologies. Plan an on-demand tour using Kahoot!
Engage students with well-paced, scaffolded and gamified resources. Save time with auto-marked challenges and progress dashboards. Get results with theory and practical questions for KS3 & KS4
Bring an Amazon professional to your classroom for a Class Chat. They will share their unique journey and experiences working in tech with your students.
Amazon Future Engineer offers bursaries of up to £20,000 over four years of university study for young women from communities underserved and underrepresent in STEM careers.
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