Amazon Future Engineer bursary scheme

The Amazon Future Engineer Bursary is now open for applications! Applications will remain open until Monday 06 June 2022

What is the Amazon Future Engineer bursary?

The Amazon Future Engineer bursary is a national bursary programme aimed at supporting women A-level and BTEC/OCR(or Scottish equivalent) students from low-income households who wish to study computer science or related engineering courses at UK universities.

Women are still significantly underrepresented in engineering and technology in higher education. UCAS data on university application and acceptance figures for the 2020 cycle highlighted that women represent just 16% and 18% of accepted applications to computing and engineering degrees respectively. At the current rate of progress, parity of women on engineering degrees will not be achieved until 2085.

These bursaries aim to help address underrepresentation and accelerate the rate of progress. They will provide successful women applicants with a financial support package worth up to £20,000 to cover expenses related to attending university, including tuition fees or accommodation and living costs.

Eleanor MacCarthy - Creative Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London
"My parents are from Ghana, and I’m the first generation in our family to attend university. I always had an interest in technology, but I felt discouraged as I didn’t have resources like my own laptop. Now, I’m excited to combine my love for art, design and coding by studying creative computing. With this bursary, Amazon has recognised my potential and I build an exciting career in technology!"

Neve Hoccom - Computer Science, University of Exeter
“I knew I wanted to study computer science since I was 12 and now I have the opportunity! I’m inspired by women codebreakers from the Second World War:I want to follow in their footsteps as an innovator in cybersecurity and help to improve diverse representation in STEM. This bursary will help me take extra courses and qualifications, from cloud networking to ethical hacking. Now I can build the career I aspire to.”

Finlay Harris - Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde
“My degree in electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Strathclyde combines two of my favourite subjects: physic sand computer science. I’d love to work in renewable energy and I’m so excited that the bursary programme will help maximise my chances and will provide opportunities to learn from industry leaders.”
Vanessa Neboh - Computer Science, King's College London
"At home, I always fix any technology that’s broken! We grew up surrounded by technology, and over time I started asking deeper questions –like how apps are created and developed.Now I’m excited to be studying computer science at a leading university, inspired both by women trailblazers who went before me and my dad’s incredible work ethic. There weren’t many Black girls like me in computer science class –but hopefully I can help to change that."
Sadia Wahid - Computing (International Programme of Study), Imperial College London
“In school I did an industry placement with an engineering scheme, which was a turning point in my studies. Now I have an opportunity to study in London and spend time abroad as part of my degree thanks to this bursary. I also love environmental art and want to show how computing and creativity are much closer than people realise –a technology career can be full of creativity!”

Liliana Odjo - Computer Science, University of Warwick
“In primary school, I was obsessed with a coding computer programme called Scratch, so I always knew I wanted to pursue computer science and this bursary has made that possible. Today, I’m inspired by events like the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover and the NHS’s response to COVID-19 to make my own impact on the world. This bursary will make a real difference to my career by creating opportunities to network, learn and grow that I simply would not have without attending university.”
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the application deadline?
    Monday 06 June 2022
  • What are the criteria for applying to the Amazon Future Engineer Bursary?

    ✅ Be female
    ✅ Currently be studying either:
    - For at least 1 A-Level or Scottish Highers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or maths; and/or
    - A full-time technical course such as computer science or other related computing or engineering courses (e.g., a BTEC or an OCR or the Scottish equivalent) at a further education college
    ✅ Have received an offer (conditional or unconditional) to study an eligible computer science or related engineering course at a University in the United Kingdom (including eligible courses with an integrated foundation year)
    ✅ Be a resident in the United Kingdom and eligible to pay 'home' fee rates for university
    ✅ Be enrolling at a UK university and commencing study at such university at the start of the next academic year
    ✅ Have been eligible for free school meals from the date they commenced their post-16 studies and/or have at least 1 parent or guardian in receipt of state benefits (not child benefit where this is the only benefit being received)
    ✅ Eligible courses include: Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Games and Animation, Business Computing, Applied Computing, Computer Forensics, Creative Computing, Computer Aided Engineering, Computation Mathematics, Computational Physics
    or a combination of course areas, such as Electronic Engineering and Computer Science for example.
  • What is the award amount?
    Award recipients will receive a financial support package worth £5,000 per year for up to four years of study to cover expenses related to attending university, including tuition fees or accommodation and living costs - a total of up to £20,000. Awards are renewable for up to four years or until a bachelor's degree is earned, whichever occurs first. Renewal is contingent upon the applicant continuing full-time enrollment at an accredited UK university, and maintaining a good standing with their university.
  • How many award recipients will there be?
    Amazon Future Engineer will award 30 bursaries each year.
  • What other benefits does the Amazon Future Engineer Bursary offer?
    Awardees will also gain exclusive access to networking groups to meet positive role models, interact with like-minded peers, build long-term relationships, and benefit from collaboration opportunities.
  • I still have more questions – who should I contact?
    Please contact Lauren Pattle, Higher Education Bursaries and Scholarships Manager, Royal Academy of Engineering (
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