Coding for Climate Action

Curriculum-aligned computing resources for KS2 and KS3 in a context of sustainability and environmental events.

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About Coding for Climate Action
Welcome to Coding for Climate Action - a 6-week curriculum allowing you to teach coding by engaging students in climate action. Created by Amazon Future Engineer, Digit<all>, and the Micro:bit Foundation, this programme invites Key Stage 2 and 3 students to harness the power of coding for a cause that truly matters: safeguarding our planet.
Why you’ll love integrating Coding for Climate Action into your curriculum:
Real-World Relevance
Say goodbye to mundane lessons! With Coding for Climate Action, students tackle real-world challenges head-on, learning how to monitor natural hazards and effectively communicate critical information to their communities.
Hands-On Learning
Our programme isn’t just about theory - it’s about action! Students get hands-on experience coding micro:bit inventions tailored to combat climate change challenges right in their own area.
Aligned with Curriculum Standards
The six-week programme aligns seamlessly with the Teach Computing curriculum, making integration effortless and stress-free.
All of the lesson planning has already been done
The materials have everything you need, including slide decks, lesson plans, exemplars, and rubrics.

KS2 Materials (Primary)

KS3 Materials (Secondary)

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