Coding for Climate Action

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About Coding for Climate Action
Amazon Future Engineer has teamed up with Digit<all> and the Micro:bit Foundation to create Coding for Climate Action, a unit of work that enables young people from KS2 and KS3 to explore natural hazards and innovatively design and develop solutions to monitor potential hazards and transmit messages to communities so that they are able to take evasive action. Students learn the basics of computer science and apply their new skills to code a micro:bit invention to combat a climate change challenge in their community. These units have been mapped to the Teach Computing curriculum and can be swapped into your existing curriculum provision.
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Pilot Unit: Mitigating the Effects of Natural Hazards

Anchoring Phenomenon: Worldwide, between 1970-1979, there were 711 climate-related natural hazards. Between 2010-2022, there were 3,165 climate-related natural hazards.

Design Problem: How can we design early warning systems to increase community resilience and mitigate the effects of natural hazards caused by climate change?

KS2 Materials (Primary)

KS3 Materials (Secondary)

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