How to teach students about climate change through computer science

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Looking for a lesson plan to bring climate change issues to life for computing students? Amazon Future Engineer has partnered with Turinglab to offer a Python coding platform for free to students and classrooms. The free platform is a helpful tool to transition from block coding to Python coding and offers a compelling, gamified learning experience that adapts to the learning pace of each student.

Turinglab has created an online course which teachers can use in computer science lesson plans for Key Stage 3 students. The course is suitable for beginners and takes 1-4 hours to complete. Using fundamental python coding concepts, students can programme a climate change poster to put pressure on our world leaders to help mitigate climate change.

Lesson plan: Programme a climate change poster

Students will discover how to use colour, image, position and narrative when programming their climate change posters.

The ‘environment posters’ course teaches students how to change the background colour of their poster using RGB colours and using commands, arguments and coordinates, students will create images for their poster. Students will also learn how to use optional arguments to change the size of images and how to create a title for their poster using commands, strings and integers.

Once the student has been guided through the basic Python coding concepts, they can put their new skills to the test and follow a ‘Save the Forests’ poster tutorial. Now masters of Python coding, students can unleash their creativity and independently code a poster from scratch using the library of visual assets.

Teach Python in your class today

It’s super easy to sign up and set up a classroom so that your students can learn or practice Python on the platform using the curriculum-aligned resources. You can track your students progress so you can see who needs the most help, and let the platform provide auto-marking and built in theory, significantly reducing your lesson prep and admin tasks.

Students can also sign up as individuals to learn Python in theme-based modules independently, getting feedback, celebrations and corrections as they go. Turinglab also offers students a great learning experience outside the classroom during the school holidays.

Turinglab will be your secret weapon to igniting a passion for programming and fighting climate change in your KS3 and KS4 students. Join the educators’ revolution and free up your time to do what you do best - teaching.

To learn more about Python and how you can use it in your lessons, sign up to Turinglab for FREE.

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