Five reasons to use Amazon’s Your Voice is Power in your class THIS MONTH

Amazon Future Engineer has teamed up with Pharrell Williams, Georgia Tech, BCS, and Computing at School on an inspiring new learning experience exploring the intersection of music, computer science and entrepreneurship with racial equity! Why participate? Here are five great reasons!

Entertainer Pharrell in profile promoting Your Voice is Power

Make coding relevant and creative

Is coding just about assessments, algorithms and arrays? No! It’s about solving problems and creating things that you’re proud to share! Your Voice is Power is a fantastic way to get your students excited about using technology in a way that is important to them – remixing tunes and raising awareness of racial equity.


Easy to implement in the classroom

Your Voice is Power has been designed with teachers and their students in mind. BCS have teacher training sessions lined up to support you every step of the way.


It’s a competition

The Grand Prize Winning Student will win a £500 Gift Card and the Grand Prize Winning School will win a £2000 Gift Card. Plus there are over 40 other prizes for runners-ups and finalists!


Promote equity

Your Voice is Power explores the way music, computer science and entrepreneurship can be tools to advance racial equity. Tap in to your students’ motivation to make a difference with their schools.


Foster multidisciplinary learning

Teaching coding through remixing music can foster multidisciplinary learning as students explore music, sound engineering, algorithms, entrepreneurship, coding and more.

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