Celebrate International Women’s Day with Amazon Future Engineer

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate and support the amazing young women in our lives. Educators are in a unique position to empower girls and give them the skills and confidence they need to succeed. With Amazon Future Engineer, you can help your students build their coding skills, and explore tech skills while celebrating International Women’s Day.

Amazon Future Engineer is a range of FREE programmes designed to give young people access to computer science education and opportunities. With a focus on underserved and underrepresented youth, the programme provides educational resources for teachers and students, including interactive online courses and challenges, workshops for schools, CPD for teachers, and Class Chats to bring Amazon career exploration live into your classroom. We work with students and their teachers, from childhood to career.

Amazon Future Engineer offers online challenges designed specifically for primary and secondary school learners that focus on coding concepts as well as inspiring stories of success from women in technology. You could plan activities around the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge for primary and secondary school students. Secondary school teachers can sign up to a Class Chat, inviting a female Amazon employee to share their experience and role with your students. Class Chats for the week of 8th March will prioritise women Amazon employees as speakers. You could also let your Year 13 young women know about the Amazon Future Engineer bursary, providing funding for university for young women studying Computer Science.

International Women’s Day offers a great opportunity to provide support and encouragement to light up your girls’ and young women’s interest in coding and tech careers. With Amazon Future Engineer, you can provide your students with valuable experiences while also celebrating inspiring women role models. From online challenges to in-school workshops and guest speakers – there are no shortage of ways educators can use Amazon Future Engineer to plan a great International Women’s Day in their classrooms.

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