Exposure to tech professionals increases student interest in tech and computing careers. Bring an Amazon employee to your class to deliver a virtual career talk and help your students better understand what it’s like to work in the tech industry... and what it takes to get there!

This page is intended to give a brief overview on how the Class Chat process would work.
How does a Class Chat Work?

Step 1: Pairing and Planning

1. Request a Class Chat at least two weeks in advance. Slots are first-come, first-serve.
2. Once you are paired with an Amazon volunteer, you will receive a confirmation email with your volunteer's name and email.
3. Reach out to your volunteer to say "Hi" and send a calendar invite to your volunteer using your school’s preferred conference system.
4. Work with your school to confirm release forms and any needed tech setup.

Step 2: Teacher Preparation (at least one week before)

How you prepare your students for Class Chats is completely up to you but we've created some resources that can help you to prepare your students to have the most impactful Class Chat possible.

Step 3: Student Preparation Lesson (1-3 days before)

1. Provide students with context about the Amazon volunteer and create questions that want to be asked towards the end of the Class Chat.
2. Remind students to come to chat with their questions pre-planned and worksheets ready.

Step 4: Class Chat Lesson (day of)

1. Students will meet their Amazon volunteer on video, receive a 15-minute presentation about the Amazon volunteer's education and career experience, and participate in a 15 minute Q&A. After the chat, any reflection, discussion and feedback to be completed.
2. Collect all student worksheets.

Step 5: Class Chat Feedback (day after)

We would love to hear about how the Class chat went and any feedback that you have!

1. Complete a feedback form. Use collected student worksheets to submit requested results.
2. If you would like to send any private feedback, please email classchats-uk@amazon.com
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